neljapäev, 29. november 2012

Schöffel - step out of this treadmill

Esimene just juhtus minuga

"In an open plan office a man has noticed the constant noise of the air conditioning just because it went off"


Lisaks veel:

"In a designer kitchen a woman is preparing herself a protein drink. With no fat. No sugar. And no salt"

"Our modern way of life keeps pushing us: Bigger, better, more successful and more self-optimized. Under this constant pressure we don’t find to ourselves anymore. With the traditional german outdoor wear from Schöffel we can step out of this treadmill. Far out enough to find a clearer perspective on our life. And the way we really want to live it."

"Right now in a fitness studio a man is watching himself in the mirror running on the spot and sweating."

"At this moment a Key Account Manager is sitting in a new car enjoying the five centimetres extra leg room"

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